We are able to apply dyeing / finishing on all type of knitted fabric made of viscose, cotton, poliester, poliamid, modal, wool, linen flosh, acrilic and lycell fiber sor their blends according to customer demands.

Quality can be control while producing.

While doing this our strongest weapons are;
– To perform the dyeing processes with water which is always under same specs and pH rate by processd through the Reverse-Osmos system
– Correct and complete weighing and dosing of the chemicals with Eliar Chemical Automation system
– Reproducibility of the 100% correct dye-stuff weighing, dissolving and distribution to the machines for each production batch by Color – Service Dye-stuff Weighing and Dissolvingsystem
– Our HT machines with different loading capacities between 25-1000 kgs but all with the same J-box, pump, nozzle systems

With the help of above listed technology we have, we have been able to minimize fault rates and human originated production delays and we have our customers forget long lead times.We achived 6 charges/day in sampling machines and 5 charges/day in other dye machines.

We are able to supply all types of fabric requested by our customers demands in requested time.