Our Finishing Facility

After the dyeing process, the fancy knitted fabric is passed to finisshing department if the color approval of the dyed fabric is given by quality control department. We have 4 Babcock stenters with 8 chambers, 2 Santex chained dryers with 4 chambers, 2 Ferraro sanforizing machines, 1 Speratto sanforizing machine and 1 Tube-Tex sanforizing unit with blade system specialy designed for knitted fabrics where we finish washed, bleached or dyed fabrics according to the specs for width, weight, shrinkage and touch requested by our customers. Also we have 1 Dilmenler stenter with 10 chambers which we use for the pre-fixing of the fabrics with lycra.

We can also process the special effects requested by our customers on Ostoff singeing machine, Lafer brushing and raising machines, Mario Crosta shearing machine we have in our facility.