At “Botaş Nehir Boya Emprime Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.” with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and organic dyeing certificates, we have performs its production respecting the nature, avoiding any harm to human health and by using the methods and technologies minimizing the usage of natural sources.

We continue our activities according to the regulations and laws concerning the preventing and reducing of environmental pollution, and protecting of the nature.

As Botaş Nehir we obtain social responsibility, sensivity against environment, and production activities with a social awareness and quality and clean production approach as our duty and;

  • To comply with environmental requirements in all our activities,
  • To have all our emplyees work with environmental responsibility and awareness,
  • To improve enviromental standards continuously have been set as our main missions.

Recycling Of Waste

We reduce our consumption of sources with preventing actions reducing the waste during the production and by finding re-using and recycling methods for the wastes.

We minimize our steam consumption by using heat recovery system for the hot water discharged after production processes. We heat our process water by using the hot air from the flue of our boiler and generator. Also the hot air discharged from our compressor is used for the heating of some departments. Furthermore, the processes in our dye-house and additional investments implemented in our finishing department contribute to the sustainability of our company and our country’s economy.

All type of paper, plastic, iron etc. Wastes are first checked to see if there is any posibility to use in house, and after seperation the rest is sold to the recycling companies.