Suitable sampling yarn/fancy yarn which is determined according to request of the customer and produced in yarn facility is sent to knitting department for the knitting of production sample, and then knitted fabric sample is sent to raw fabric warehouse to be recorded. The planning department prepares an accompanying card for the fabric by forming a production order. This accompanying card is first sent to raw fabric warehouse. The sample fabric is controled 100% on quality control tables. The fabric is closely checked against over certain number of faults which originated by knitting/yarn (needle fracture, lycra laddering, drop stitches, oil lines, thick and thin lines, imperfections, snarling etc).

While doing this visiul control, the setting test of the fabric is also performed and checked if the raw specs of the fabric such as width and weight are suitable to achieve the specs requested for finished fabric. After all these controls if it is seen that there is no problem then the fabric is confirmed and sent for further processes. The fabrics which are contolled and approved by the raw fabric control department are then processed in dye-finish-print departments and become finished fabric and re-checked if they are according to specs requested by the customer. If the quality of this production sample is aproved then purchasing-yarn/fancy yarn- knitting processes of the bulk order. The fabric knitted for bulk order is sent to raw fabric quality control after it is produced according to production specs of the approved production sample, and then sent to production batch preparation department.

Production batch preparation of the fabrics are done on 1 open width and 1 tubuler Italian pugi machines. The rolls can be stitched to each others with the minimum waste quantity with the using of these machines.